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  • I find the idea of a future global awareness of what people think and wish implemented by their leaders most alluring and wonderful. However, the creators of this website need to understand its full potential and to adjust accordingly. How will you ensure transparency and security? If this is going to be able to transform politics as we know it! Please consider a blockchain-based voting system to ensure that only real persons (as opposed to bots) are voting and also having all ideas and the corresponding votes secured by having them on a distributed ledger. Keep up the great work! Apu

  • Thanks Apu. We agree and will follow up.

  • Just on Apu's idea, I can see how blockchain can verify transactions. Is there any work being done on this technology verifying people?

  • OK. Some research shows there are promising developments in this area. The most promising system under development for verifying voters by blockchain appears to be a system called 'Sovereign', currently being developed by Democracy Earth. Perhaps their system could, one day, be the way forward for us. We will follow their progress with interest, for sure.
    Pending further development of their system, however, nothing seems to be out there, right now, that will enable safe and 'uncomplex' verification of voters by blockchain.
    Voter security and system integrity are our absolute passion. We will continue to follow the Sovereign system's development. We would also appreciate any further information or ideas people might have in this area. Thanks again Apu.

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