The Power of Hemp

Yes, cannabis is illegal. Yes, it is a drug. Not harmful, but a drug. Marijuana is a term set by the government with a condescending attachment encrusted within, it is cannabis, not marijuana. The stem of this plant has been used for millenniums before modern society. Its use is BY FAR more effective than anything left on this planet. It oils can be used as an alternative fuel source, its hemp flattened and compressed can be used to make houses and walls in countries that desire it. This plants grows quickly and almost anywhere. It is the plant of the future... quit expelling it from society and take advantage of its uses.



  • is a good read. Governments would not all agree. It will be interest how the vote will end up on this one, I have a personal reason for voting yes as i don't think the drug is as harmful as alcohol and have lived in Holland where its legal and seemingly cause no problem. Yes i have smoked it, but can not now because it highly illegal here in the Philippine where it used be a hanging offense if caught with the drug

  • Henry Ford made the very 1st car ever out of HEMP and which also ran on HEMP fuel. However, global governments decide to capitalize still, on or dependence on oil.

  • Hemp is the male plant and it will not get you high. Here in the states it used to be LAW to that farmers had to grow it. 1211 is correct in saying that it can be used for alternative fuels, compressed for housing, but it also makes rope and clothing, can be used to make plastic, paint, and so many more items. Depending on where it is grown you can get 3-4 crops per year. I believe the only thing that grows faster is bamboo.

    Seeds of the hemp plant can also be eaten. No the seeds won't get you high either. Supposedly the seeds are quite nutritious though and are used in animal feed. Check out the local pet department for hamster and bird foods. People can eat them legally as long as the seeds have been sterilized by baking them.

    It's been used to stop erosion on hillsides and it grows wild (or did) along roadsides. Because of the marijuana hysteria our county went on a spree pulling every roadside plant up burning it.

    Imagine all the deforestation that would stop if, because hemp can also make paper, if it were law to grow hemp again!

    Food, clothing, shelter, and fuel all from one plant. Why is it illegal?!

  • Keep it coming, wrerits, this is good stuff.

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  • i agree with the alternative fuel source...... however... clothes and buildings..... not the best idea

  • this is good. giving it a critical good purpose in a way it sway it away from its harmful purposes. energy applications will create a high demand market where little is being spared form misuse.

  • Seriously your idea of helping the world is to legalize cannabis? How would that help anyone. I don't get if it's considered as a drug or not, cannabis as well known and documented effect on people that simply don't help people improve and move forward, except in some particular medical condition (same goes for morphine).

  • Best thing I could say is to read " The Emperor's New Clothes" if you can find it.
    It's the story of Hemp and the conspiracy against it because it is so valuable as a renewable
    resource. In 1938 Popular Science stated that Hemp was the most valuable crop a farmer could grow and was a $2 billion industry back then. Do your research, deep research, real deep and as always, Follow The MONEY.

  • Again, its illegal because big brother and their criminal cohorts would stand to lose too much $ should the 'common serfs' have legal, unlimited access. FOLLOW THE MONEY!! That, and they don't want people using it as a medical advantage to certain ailments- INCLUDING cancer. If it's helpful or necessary, chances are it's illegal or strictly controlled. On the OTHER hand, they have no PROBLEM with dangerous GMO's, chem trails, fluoridated water supplies, ASPARTAME, etc! Hmmm... I think big brother has a PROBLEM with its citizens being healthy and living self-sustaining lifestyles (off the grid)!

  • You can also make paper out of it with a decordicator, and it is much better quality than paper out of trees. For the person that said that clothes is not a good idea, hemp has the strongest and most durable fibres in all of nature.

  • They do need to legalize Hemp at the very least which cannot be used as a drug. So many trees would be saved for paper products and the added benefit of making a really strong rope is also a benefit.

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  • It is indeed a very easily sustainable natural resource that can be used for many things we need such as fuel, clothes, building material and more. Letting people get high on the THC from cannabis is a discussion for another day, but hemp as a resource is needed.

    It's a good solution to many global problems.

  • I object because on an apples to apples basis hemp rarely out-competes other materials. Advocates of hemp based materials seem to do so in part because of their support to legalize the plant to smoke, which I too support. But it doesn't mean hemp should be shoved into clothes and fuels just to help associate it with other very needed areas of society.

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