Team up!

Hello Fellow Human Being,

I think we have reached the pinacle of Human evolution. It is sad that it took us so long to reach here but we are finally here. On this day, with the help of technology we have a special ability which no one in the history of this planet had. Social Media!

Social media can unite the voices of every single human being across the planet. Every single step towards the future would be decided by the people and not the representatives. Representatives enable the capable to take advantage of the uncapable. There will be a global uprising which no one can stop. It is just the matter of time.

My ideology:

All Men and Women are equal no matter what religion, country, race e.t.c. they are from.

No Human being should take advantage of another.

Invitation to the like minded:

It would be nice to know the active population on this site. So please vote or comment to this idea showing your presense.

I wan't to help enhance this website or create an opensource Social networking platform that will be the voice of the global population. Any tech guys here, please let us team up and take this forward.


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  • Peeps.. check out what is happenig in Tamil Nadu in India for #Jallikattu.. This is exactly same as I visualised.. a leaderless movement against the establishment.. I mean seriously there is no one in the forum who can see what is happening around us? Some feedback pls?

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