we've gone too far away from nature and from each other..we have to re-establish this connection..creating community building, start using open public spaces and create some where they have been eradicated..



  • I totally agree, however projects are already been achieved and are being achieved and I think that the POW should always in his speeches should give incentive to much more projects around the world in every town and city.

  • I agree with this. We've even lost touch in our own neighborhoods. I, personally, don't even know my neighbors that well. All of this should change. Communities should be bonded together again.

  • Nice Idea. How to realize? Only create some places where people could meet isn't enough. How to convince them to use the offers? I do not think that there are not enough places where people could meet, I think some did not notice them and some did not want to use them. A third fraction, that has the knowledge about the existence would use it if there where a higher number of peoples. Am I wrong?

  • * always a deeper meaning..and a purpose, perhaps above or below the general radar. > In a time of societal evolution, which necessitates, the down-sizing of (human interaction) for purpose of , population control..( WHICH IS, our greatest challenge, the world over >IMHO ) many things, become necessary..
    > World Ward 3 was predicted to be "the war of Many Fronts"...i surmise most of these will be, on a psychological plane. > therefore, it becomes NECESSARY, to discourage human, intercourse, by whatever means, available, to decrease the incidence of coitus, and thereby create fewer babies to support by a bloated and taxed, overall system. the Earth cannot support, rampant and wanton reproductive activities,...This has evolved into my "battle cry"... I do not have children..>and for every, couple who is NOT thinking out of the box? who desires to produce, 4 or 5 kids, like grampa and granma did? there MUST be, 8 couples in the balance, who live part of their course of life..> Is THIS FAIR? i think not. but it IS, none the less, necessary...Sheer MATH...Leibensraum.. Hitler was Atrocious, to the jews...but he was still smart enough to see, his country could NOT support the sheer number of persons, who procreate without discretion..If we feel the HOLOCAUST was atrocious, and a thing to be averted and avoided at all costs, and by whatever means? We should ALL, sit back and take a different perspective? THAT, as foretelling, of what we are EVENTUALLY headed for....> Our Nation, can't CREATE jobs, sufficient to suffice the National appetite and avarice.. and . WHERE are the innovators? > who would lead? with creativity? we have explored and milked every technological frontier, diversified and specialized, our current system, to the point of exhaustion....and still, human nature doesnt change.. we all, eventually would like to get (laid)...enjoy a natural human relationship..and creature comfort...> I am not the judge...only a Cynic...but the cynic was said to be a "messenger to the Gods" .. I believe in ONE GOD....and I believe, He is shaking his head, at his children, these days. he does, at me..when i cut outta line..

  • my thoughts and ideas, may not be generally palletable..and i invite discourse..> though, some of my thoughts, i am convinced are wholly VALID. > IF YOU HAVE ONE CHILD? Consider yourself fortunate to have HAD that opportunity, to foster another being, and guide him or her, in their foundations of/to life..> I rant alot, about population control. Because, skipping forward a few pages, that is what the (elitist thinkers) have identified. as the coming doom. > If People, on the (lower castes of society) disapprove, of "elitist" theory and/or their control over us? we need to first recognize, what they seek to control. and yes, God, in charge. a return to him, at this stage, would be prudent..IMHO. We've ALL sinned, and fallen short of the Glory, of Heaven, Including Myself...but i spend my time, immersed in (thought)..and some of my thoughts, may be found, backward? but some of them, may just be founded in Truth. And Scary, if accurate. Because humans are engineering our own attrition...and the wheel rolls faster, as it progresses. > I witness my neighbors, screaming profanity at their children, in full public earshot. > they haven't the foggiest clue. > Elders, OUR elders, decide..they judge us all. well. >Can "mankind" be en-trusted, to be benevolant stewards of the Earth, for one more Generation? > Or is it BEST, if we just nuke the whole deal, NOW..and spare the innocents, of the atrocities man will their quest for (MORE) ...more stuff, more satiation, more power...More. more knowledge.. the God particle...when is "more" , enough? We need to sit down together, and content ourselves, with playing tiddly-winks, and Go Fish...and spare the beasts and the this arena of mutual sufferage. And for PETE'S sake, stop the abuse of WOMEN, too.

  • That's a mold-beraekr. Great thinking!

  • spare the rod and spoil the child.

  • we need to act with compassion to self and others- recognising suffering in ourselves and other people and then committing to self and others on easing this through courage with use of compassion. compassionate training needs to be brought into schooling

  • Like using less technology? Totally! Humans were made to be social and around each other. There is something so fulfilling when you see people in person, something so RICH about it. We need less influence on society from technology and more going out to meet with friends and family.

  • The need for REAL HUMAN INTERACTION & the RESPONSIBILTY of adults to teach this to childern & young people is essential MEANINGFUL DISCOURSE on EVERY & ANY level must commence.................

  • You might want to be more specific. This is very unclear. I have no idea what your idea of 're-establishing this connection' is.

  • the same, totally agree people

  • I find that the only places that people really use as gathering spaces are those that also encourage spending money. It seems to be typical to see families in restaurants, couples in cafés, children at amusement parks but not in more purely community oriented places. We need to figure out what's keeping people in places like that.

  • There's a battle on to halt divisive and authoritarian control by government at all levels.. check out what's happening in the UK right now, freedom of expression and the right to gather in harmony to share our thoughts, in my case through music, is being taken away, piece by piece. have a look at please sign if you agree with this basic freedom

  • With technology this days, it should be easy to create new ways of entertainment that involve both nature and people

  • This is true; we have lost touch with our neighborhoods... we need to reconnect. What a great idea!! I have a question would this be something that was free or something like a membership?

  • Good idea. However, how would you like to provide for these means?

  • While this is a good idea, it is not a new idea, and it's already being done. Also, building the spaces doesn't mean certain people will stop Facebooking and start meeting their friends in parks instead. We as a society have fundamentally changed to be more e-social than in-person social. Good, bad or indifferent, it is what it is. And most of the parks near me are usually vacant. So that says something. Now, if you had an idea to have people teach free classes at these parks and rec areas, now that would bring people together... Just sayin.

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