The Revealing of Brain Damage Promoting Satanic Industries

Currently profitable industries, such as; pharmaceutical industries, GMO related industries, and other industries who's profits revolve around chemically engineering products that are marketable enough to the human populations to become profitable industries, are becoming a virulent terrorist mafia-like cult, who's actions are the main destructive forces to not only humanity, but to all other once healthy resources as well.

It is now very evident that big business investors typically only invest in industries that have the following attributes; profitable industries, socially accepted industries, and also they typically only invest in industries that result in the overall lessening of their competition. The way that these industries lessen overall competition are through means of promoting products that result in induced brain damage of the consumers, marketing products that result in severe vital damage to other organs of the body, by out-competition the competition with lesser quality products that are cheaper to manufacture, hence, more affordable, which often results in the more ethical businesses going out of business or becoming bankrupt.

Satanic (health degrading) industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, make far too much profit from those consumers ignorant of the logical truth to ever considering teaching, advising, and guiding any of their so called "promoters," "consumers," or "patients" in an intelligent manner. These ruthless industries and associates, instead deceive the masses of people to believe that, not only are their prescribed management practices and standard operating procedures the best way of solving their so called perceived "medical problems," but that it is the only way to go about treating their "medical problems."

Any intelligent human being, who actually took a moment to try to figure out the logic of modern day western medicine would soon discover that it is not a form of medical treatment, what-so-ever, but instead they would discover that it is nothing more than what I am portraying in this communicative literature, a ruthless-satanic-business-oriented industry. These industries have come a long way in overcoming human beings logical reasoning abilities, through their efforts of poisoning the mass populations of human beings, making it nearly impossible for the typical human being to even make a logical decision for themselves, due to the victims lack of understanding of alternative therapeutic treatment, lack of ability to obtain alternative means of treatment, such as psychological treatment, dietetic treatment, and financial advice. The overall lack of logical awareness results in a chain reaction of misfortunate events.

Everything from over the counter "medicine" to "house hold cleaners" to the pharmaceutical "health products" are nothing more than poisons when you actually take a moment to research the truth. How do experimental concoctions of heavy metals and toxic human produced chemicals enhance your health and well being? Quite simply, they do not! The ruthless satanic industries that I am referring to, have united long ago and have created alliances with those industries that they mutually benefit from, to ensure that the truth does not become widespread enough among the human populations of typical consumers of their products. There efforts of covering up the truth and creating a overall mentality and understanding that their satanic teams of business investors only benefit financially from has sadly been a very profitable method of achieving global dominance along with their satanic team of associates. Though, eventually even the satanic industries of mass destruction and these associates families will be detrimentally impacted due to the adverse industries that they promote. The reason behind this end result is that simply the impact of these destructive industries not only impacts the consumers, but the impact is far more devastation, when analyzed at a non-point perspective. Everything from the mass populations food to drinking water is negatively impacted by the management practices and standard operating procedures of these satanic (health degrading) industries.

The satanic industries do whatever they are capable of in order to keep the truth about their industries from being exposed to the mass populations of potential consumers. For instance, societies are segregated secretively to prevent the overthrowing of these industries and to prevent any legitimate competition from uprising, which could threaten the satanic industries ability to profit. The segregation of classes is typically far more than segregating societies by social-economic class, but more or less they segregation is more evidently separation of believes, intentions, and overall mentalities, which some refer to as religious beliefs and moral intentions.

The satanic industries utilize Masonic-like strategies of eliminating their competition through utilizing methods, such as; poisoning those that are aware of the truth and speak of the truth about their industry's satanic management practices and standard operating procedures. I myself have experienced their satanic Masonic-puppet poisoning tactics on multiple occasions on all spectrums. For instance, the pharmaceutical industry has been attempting to eliminate me as a threat to their satanic industries ever since I have labeled myself as a Psychology student in college. I have been locked up in multiple medical facilities ever since my intentions were labeled as a Psychologist. Since Psychology opposes of utilizing toxins, such as, pharmaceutical drugs over logical reasoning in the field of medicine, Psychologists are thought of as the ultimate threat to the satanic industries. On the opposite end of the spectrum I have recently been poisoned by my older brother and his accomplice, who has recently been giving a lesser criminal sentence after crashing his motor vehicle, resulting in receiving a DUI and jail time. Not long after he told me that he was giving a lighter sentence by the Masonic judge that oversaw his criminal case's logistics, was I poisoned under the impression that my brother had convinced the judge that he is a loyal Freemason and would do anything to prove his loyalty to other Freemasons. So, like a typical retarded Freemason puppet-like human being would do, who is in a desperate situation, my own brother attempted to assassinate (murder) me utilizing arsenic.

The typical satanic industries are respected allies with the United States Government, as well as other governing bodies throughout the world, and treated favorably in the court of law simply because the government believes that they benefit most from these types of industries, since they have the ability of poisoning the public at will and can easily cover up any evidence or accusations of satanic intentions, by claiming that those that have endured adverse, so called "medical treatment," are "mentally ill." By claiming that the victims of the satanic Masonic-oriented terrorism is nothing more than someone with a mental illness, who is expressing the delusional thoughts of their mentally ill states of mindfulness, is the most typical strategy of covering up the truth that a victim comes forth to express. The victims of the satanic industries that have made it clear that they oppose of the satanic industries and their management practices are in scenarios where their own life as well as the lifes of their families are in grave danger.

Remember, the satanic industries goals are very simple. Their goals revolve around eliminating the competition, while convincing the government that the government affiliates and investors in the welfare of the country's economy depend on their industries quantity of government taxation. Clearly the satanic industries are willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate any opposing individuals and groups. They are constantly engaging in civil war with those that are educated enough to realize the truth revolving around the satanic industries management practices, standard operating procedures, goals, and objectives. These industries and associates of these industries will resort to drastic means, such as targeting the opposing forces with poisoning tactics, accusations of criminal activity, blackmailing, bribery, death threats, murdering, and almost any other logical method of silencing their targets, in order to ensure that their secretiveness is maintained and that no opposing forces become powerful enough to overthrow their satanic control over the mass populations and resources world-wide.



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