Advancing Your Health by Understanding the Neurotransmission of the Brain

The Brain (Cerebral Hemisphere Control Center) is no lesser of an intelligent design as is any other divine creation of energy. The brain has been simplified to a dumbed-down state of degrading understandings in literature, educational systems, medical fields, and all other relevant sectors, that focus efforts on the teaching and the understanding of the bodies control center, the brain. The reason for this is because intelligent teachings and understandings are no longer marketable, hence profitable to big business industries that solely benefit from the contrary of intelligent, those ignorant of the logic revolving around the topic, hence, "the truth."

Quite simply the brain is an intelligent design that produces a multitude of intelligently designed naturally forming chemical compounds that act as the fuel for the animal's body. Each lobe of the brain has a specific function, which is entirely misunderstood by the world abroad. Scientists try to portray the brain as this complex storage device of data. This mentality is much like a computer scientist's understanding of the functionality of a typical computer system. When in fact, the brain is not a storage device of data like input, such as memory, bodily functionality, and whatever else the scientific community, so called "brain surgeons," are trying to convince one another and the public of.

The brain is intelligently designed, and as logic would imply, the brain is much simpler than is commonly portrayed, due to the so called "advancements" in neurological understanding. The brain is as it appears a series of organs in the cerebral hemisphere of the animal's body, which consists of segregated organelle-like systems, which produce and act as storage reservoirs of naturally derived chemical compounds produced through the energy, such as, food, beverages, and air that are ingested through typically consumptive means. All of the products that are ingested by an organism are broken down by the digestive system to a degree of usefulness within the body's vital energy systems.

The chemical compounds, which make up the ingested substances (entities) are either beneficial to the livelihood of the organism's vital functionality, hence, are circulated into the bloodstream, or the contrary, degrading to the bodies vital functionality and are, hence, ejected from the organisms body through digestion or through ejection through the pores of the organisms skin or outer membrane. Whichever means of ejecting the toxic substances from the organisms body is less destructive to the organisms vital organs and functionality, is the means which is most likely initiated under cognitively stable (mentally healthy) conditions. The beneficial energy that is circulating throughout the organisms blood stream eventually enters into the brain of the organism and is stored in the appropriate lobes of the brain to be transformed into functionally beneficial chemical compounds, after being activated by appropriate levels (intensities) of heat and light exposure. The irises of the organisms eye dilates and constricts in accordance with environmental conditions and regulates the amount of energy exposure that is allowed to enter through the irises and refract into the neurotransmission networks of the brain, via, the electromagnetic energy fields of the organism's body, also known as the central nervous system networks.

The beneficial vital system energy produced within the organism's brain are scientifically labeled as "neurotransmitters." The neurotransmitters should be created and released both consciously and sub-consciously in a manner that should be aimed at optimizing the organisms functionality (output of energy). The various neurotransmitters all have various specific qualitative and quantitative levels of optimization of functionality. The optimal balance of neurotransmitter energy varies between organisms and environmental circumstances.

The best way to monitor levels of neurotransmitters is to analysis one self's overall level of universal health by monitoring and analyzing one self's level on the spectrum of each individual aspect of universal health. Universal health should be monitored and analyzed at the following levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Atmospheric, and Cosmic level of health indicating awareness. Understanding one self's level of overall health on a universal health spectrum gives the insight necessary to achieve and maintain an optimal state of universal (overall) health and wellbeing. Modifications in lifestyle should be made in order to achieve a higher level of universal health by focusing efforts towards enhancing each individual category of health through specific methodology and analyzing progress to ensure higher standards of health are met and maintained.

The cycles of energy that are transmitted from the outside environment into the organisms body are often inconsistent, which results in fluctuations of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and atmospheric mental cognition and behavior. Some organisms have more consistent rituals, such as; diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. than other organisms, which often results in more consistent and healthier mental cognition and behavior. Those organisms that have inconsistent rituals are often labeled with Bi-polar Disorder and are treated by health care practitioners utilizing adverse treatments, such as; utilizing punishment techniques, toxic (poisonous) pharmaceuticals, isolation, deception, and other detrimental management practices and standard operating procedures, in order to benefit from the patients in a financial oriented manner, as well as benefit through retarding the satanic industries competition through their ill-mannered treatment strategies.

Any intelligent human being would make the actual truth very apparent to the individual with inconsistencies in the dimensions of health, and recommend to the individuals to modifying their lifestyle to be more consistent in healthier ways. Modifying the individuals lifestyle to increase their health by incorporation healthier rituals into their lifestyles such as; healthier dietary cycles, healthier exercise cycles, healthier rest and sleep cycles, healthier light exposure, healthier work cycles, detoxification and less toxin consumption, healthier social lifestyles (relationships), and enhancing the individuals consistency in living a healthier lifestyle would greatly enhance the individual's overall health and wellbeing.



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