Drinking Age!

The drinking age should be lowered to 18 in the united states. I believe that if an 18 year old is considered to be an adult and considered to be responsible for his or her own decisions and life, then why should it be too much to ask that they are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages? Upon turning 18 you become legally an adult and with that adult status you can do things that under 18 cannot legally do such as get tattoos and body piercings, such as buy tobacco products, vote, lottery, sign legally binding documents, move out on your own, get married, get a credit card, buy a car, buy a house, and most importantly, you can defend and die for your country but no, you cannot have a glass of wine with your dinner, or go to a bar with your friends and have a few drinks. Making drinking at the age of 18 illegal does not stop it from happening, it only forces young adults to drink in secrecy without the supervision or advice of much more experienced drinkers or people educated on the subject such as bar tenders. I believe that uneducated underground drinking in young adults is far more dangerous than making it legal. They are going to do it anyway, somehow or another. Why not make it easier for them to be safe about it?



  • I object because 18 is too young. 21 is a good age and if you are worried about "uneducated underground drinking" then you should be making a poll on how we could improve that instead.

  • Actually, I agree. I am from Australia, and have daughters around that age. They and all their friends started consuming alcohol before 18, because 18 couldn't come soon enough for them. But 15, 16 and 17 were the naughty years when they would have have alcoholic drinks at a party, before going mainstream at 18. Due to cultural norms, my daughters would be obscenely upset if the law was changed and they could not drink here til they were 21. Of course, French children drink with their parents from a young age, and are considered more sophisticated drinkers, not caring to binge drink as much as Americans or Australians. As a parent, I would love to see drinks that are marketed for younger consumers contain less alcohol. In addition many females that I know love white wine, but it causes all kinds of trouble for them if they drink the quantity that they desire, say, 5 or 6 glasses (lose control, feel sick etc). I would love to see the alcohol content in many drinks including white wine halved (even just as an option), as I think it would be good for society and many people.

  • I agree. I also think that learning how to handle your alcohol (takes a year or two at most for some people I'd say) before you have the right to drive a car is important.
    Also agree with the Australian about the thing with marketing alcoholic beverages with less alcohol content in them for younger people.

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