Inovate the inventors

There is a great need for nations to inspire and innovate there inventors and scientist. Many times very good ideas and inventions are culled because of the lack of investment and funds. It could be a good idea if each nation had a think tank where inventions and scientific Idea's can be analyzed by a team of highly qualified specialists and scientist. That the most viable ideas are backed and the originators of the scientific or inventions is given every aid to find funding from government or venture capitalist.

This would help to improve technology give source to new manufacturing create jobs and improve nations economy.

Perhaps this idea could be broadened if proven to be effective in aiding the worlds poorer nations to achieve similar goals as the richer nations. This would be a joint global think tank mirrored on similar lines as my original idea. To help seek venture capital of a another nations funding the best ideas and inventions that are worthy the investment.



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  • So almost like a full time geneeva i really like that

  • I think this exist already, but in a highly disjointed form, where nations/companies/institutions individually offer support.

    An website with a link to all current global grants, subsidies, and awards, with a search criteria to look for what's applicable to yourself, may help.

  • This is a brilliant idea. It seems to me that there is always the possibility of a lay person coming up with an innovative idea, which does not recieve any thought; purely due to the fact that they are not specialists in the field. Therefore I believe your suggestion would be ideal in such a situation.

  • I say force any patent holders of technology to either use the design or let someone else. Many engine efficiency patents have been gobbled up a long time ago by big oil etc. Force them to use or lose.

  • I would like to point out that this partially already exists in some form. For scientists in misc fields, there are grants, for which proposals are evaluated both on scientific value and economical impact, depending on the particular grant. Invention may sound different from science but it generally falls under engineering, for which there also exist grants. Similarly, if it is an invention of significant commercial value, it can receive the same support as start ups. The question to me then seems to boil down to one of two things - either invest more money in these tracks (or revamp their processes, but this sounds like an outsider's naivity), or create new grants to cover missing avenus. E.g., maybe the existing grants focus too much on mainstream fields, or maybe inventions do not have to be highly technical, or maybe the invention is of significant commercial value but it is meant to be released as a contribution to the world, or maybe there is no way to monetize it but it will have a net small improvements to everyone in the world. I think it would have to be worked out more carefully, but I believe in general idea of investing in development.

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