Use Global Democracy as a corruption-proof self-governance tool

This tool is needed in government for true direct democracy to exist. Every technologically-capable governing body should aspire to use crowdsourcing tools like this for all key policies and decisions



  • Absolutely agree. Would like to know how it can be abused when there is a constitution protecting the people from any popular idea that conflicts with equality, freedom and security for all people.

  • Agree Nathan. A great early use for this site would be for politicians to show with transparency what ideas they have or believe in and for them to learn how their people feel about such ideas.

  • The representative system of government has been around much longer than the internet. Now, everyone has access to "all" the information (that they click on) and can make "sound" judgement for the "good of the people."

    Call me a cynic, but I don't think that every single person is competent enough to pass legislation or approve budgets. How many people would make the time and effort to go out and research various positions to make informed decisions? I'd imagine about the 5-10% of people who write to their Congressmen instead of posting about it on the internet.

    There are cases where this is practical, like when Scotland voted to go independent of the UK/Ontario independent of Canada. The admin's proposed use of this site to screen ideas is very different than what Nathan is implying when he says "true direct democracy... for all key policies and decisions."

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