Anti-family mandating

I propose that no one should ever have the right to interfere with ones family and that no person gouvernment or agency has the right to take children away from there parents no matter what to me child welfare services cross the line into territory where capital punishment should be alowed to be brought forth against "baby theifs" who interfere in family affairs....everyparent has the right to keep there children and to defend them at all cost unpunishible by legislative crime laws.

Idea for the world


  • I object because: Incest, rapists, cigarette burns into the face, baby in the microwave etc. No reason for you to take a baby away? Get real...

  • I object because too many children are in danger as it is. Many need more protection, not less.

  • I object because you must have grown up in a beautiful and functional family. Some children are born into torturous hell and are abused by their parents. If you saw a parent intentionally causing an innocent newborn baby harm, would you not want someone to take that baby and protect it? it would be inhumane to leave the child in the care of someone unfit and possibly a danger to its life.

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