Feral species

Unfortunatelty, humans are now feral and the main problem seems to be how exactly to slow down population growth. Any sensible ideas?



  • Agree we need to slow down population growth. You've highlighted a problem, not an idea. Post this on Global concerns.

  • I object because of the same reason given by 1063 its not an idea.

  • humans are no longer connected to earth and to their surroundings any longer. we need to reconnect and work together with nature and other living being. changing mindset and the current capitalistic system could be one big step.

  • Feral and proud. A single human brain, having as many neurons as the stars in our galaxy and as many connections between neurons as the stars in the universe, is a more profound structure than the rest of the planet would be without us. As Sagan said, "We are a way the Cosmos can know itself." We should therefore consider ourselves Earth's purpose, not the reverse. Whatever love we have for the Earth is derived from our legitimate love of self and the recognition that we currently need Earth in order to survive, and once the Sun engulfs it, whatever part of Earth's natural splendor that survives will have been entirely up to us. You're welcome to call yourself feral and at the mercy of your own nature, but you have no right to try to create laws that equate the rest of your species with non-thinking entities.

    Now, as for the legitimate part of your question, I proposed two solutions under Laws : POPULATION CONTROL. In brief, the first is more human waste-fueled farming in order to offset famine from over-population, and the second is the cybernetic evolution of the species that would render procreation nearly obsolete.

  • I read a problem, not a solution. Add this to global concerns, it is a concern of mine at least.

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