Oil: a dwindling natural resource

There are lots of problems with the energy resources that we use. Coal is unclean, nuclear is dangerous, and there simply isn't enough wind energy. Oil, although it is topped by coal in the amount of energy it produces in the U.S., is still one of the leading factors in our global economy. In fact, if oil were to disappear right now, entire countries around the world would collapse, because of the electricity, cars, and economies, that are driven by oil. Although we depend on it, it is not a renewable resource, and what we have is what we have. Before we run out, we need to find a way to depend less on it, and depend more on other, renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric. Not only are these renewable, but they are also cleaner, and all around better for the environment. Changing energy sources is one step of many to right the damage we have done to this Earth, and help insure that our countries can continue in a world of technology and innovation.



  • It's gotta be Solar and Wind. Also wave technology and I reckon Magnets should be used more.

  • Nuclear fusion could be the step forward even more powerful than the infamous nuclear fission that occurs in today’s nuclear reactors, which cause that ‘danger’ we all know of. In this process two or more atomic nuclei fuse together (hence the term nuclear fusion) and left over matter after the collision is converted into energy – like in our sun. This technology is currently being developed further and further and can only be replicated in the LHC (at the moment). Interestingly this process will give out more energy than you put in, which is fantastic. Unfortunately the program of building a power station of that sort, costs trillions and trillions of dollars in today’s money which no country really has to invest in; is therefore predicted to finish its funding collection in 2050. So why burn money on rocket launchers, remote controlled drones and Military advances that just help kill people faster and easier to obtain that “black gold” which you’ll just burn? When you can be investing that money into world changing projects like this one… So I agree with you there of course, we all – in this world need to finally agree that this pathetic behaviour needs to stop, preferably now.

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