Food - are GMOs Frankenfoods?

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism ) Foods:

They may well be dangerous, their safety is unproven, and it mixes foreign genes into our food supply. They are banned throughout the E.U.! Used commonly in North America, with no labeling to advise the public.

Scientists who are not silenced by strong-arm tactics urge CAUTION.

My 3 main arguments:

(1) when so many educated individuals in the sciences urge a more cautious approach to GMOs

(2) combined with our learned experiences as a race when we have all been told countless times before that certain chemicals, products, etc. were "harmless" but they were deadly.

(3) with the application of common sense and the observation that the many delicate balances of nature, from the balance of the ecosystem to our delicate brain chemistry to the forces that keeps the electrons in every tiny atom from smashing into one another - Nature is an organized marvel that should not be toyed with carelessly; it commands respect and cooperation.

Further: From the Union of Concerned Scientists :GMOs do not, on average, increase yields at all. This was evident in the Union of Concerned Scientists' 2009 report Failure to Yield―the definitive study to date on GM crops and yield.

Further: from the Institute for Responsible Technology

10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs:




  • Agree, because of the question mark. It is right to question this technology, but can I make two points- first, there does seem to be a place for scientific testing, as certain crops could be made more productive, eg drought resistant, in low food countries. Second, does anyone know of a genetically modified food actually harming a person? I accept they can harm the balance of nature, but are they not just arrangements of chemicals that we already consume? Maybe someone who knows the answer can comment here, thanks.

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