DMT and the universe.

DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is the chemical that science points to making you dream. it also is released in sizable quantities at the time of death. it is also chemical you can take in to make you hallucinate in a very different way than imaginable.

When you use this substance it throws you into what i theorize you need to see most, IF you use it with the right intentions. after you use it you within seconds you are in a new world. often no body, often outer space, often amazing patterns. you learn from these experiences just as you can dreams if you pay attention to them. the thing is the experience lasts ten minutes in real time but could feel like a life time. some even report re living their entire life in that seemingly ten mins. but also remember the measure of time is man made and can be manipulated greatly. maybe this even puts you outside of time.

now the fist instance one the substance is called blasting off and there is great reason for it, you fill with this new unknown energy that takes you over and you just go. where it takes you God only knows. you learn lessons every time, you gain faith, you see wow there is more to life than what we observe. same exact ways dreams can do this.

now science cant explain why we sleep and my theory is to connect your soul to the universe and gain energy from it. the same way when you use the substance DMT you feel that energy over whelm you.

DMT is found in so many different life forms that all dream and some plants. do not fool yourself we are animals to the core, we are just disconnected from the nature, as where animals aren't. i feel this is where instincts come from as well.

could DMT be the connection to the universe? many think its made in the penile gland and look at how that symbol is used all over ancient times where they intact used forms of DMT for thousands of year.

in Africa many tribes still use a drinkable version that lasts for about 6-8 hours and they say it brings you to the spirit world. they have been using it for thousands of years where as modern day society thinks it's for crazy people.



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