Public Profanity

There should be a law against public profanity and cursing around children, especially inside of the workplace. A person should be able to go out into public without having to subject themselves to curse words if they would like to. Especially when at work a person should be able to go into work and do their job on a daily basis without hearing curse after curse I believe. Most people have no choice in whether or not they go to work or into the public. These are necessities of life sometimes. We need to make money and we need to go to grocery stores and different places at times since we are not cavemen anymore.

Also it is sad to see people have no morality on this issue. People curse around children without thinking twice and in public around strangers like it is not offensive at all. This is a disrespectful act to others that are around. It shows that that person's vocabulary is not big enough to not use curse words.

Use to this was a shameful thing to do, but it seems like it is increasingly more the thing to do. Use to women did not curse but acted lady like but now days it seems like they are right there cursing just as much as the men if not more.

Are we as a society growing in our morals/ethic values and moving toward good things or are we destroying all morals and becoming more like animals? I know this all starts inside of the home most of the time. If parents do not care enough to not curse around their children then the kids will most likely pick up the habit that the parents instilled into their children. If parents do not care enough to watch what they say in front of their kids then are they really parenting? What more do they neglect with these precious jewels of our future?

Let us make a law where cursing is illegal in public or around children. On the first offense there is a fifty dollar fine, then one-hundred, then two-hundred, if after the third offense the person still cannot control themselves from breaking the law, it may be a four-hundred dollar fine plus one day in jail and this may continue to double after every offense until the person actually learns to respect the law. This money that is collected may also help with the state and government since they are in need of money instead of raising taxes. A percentage could also go to children without parents who were abused or neglected. What do you think? :)



  • I object because we have freedom of speech. You should speak to your children about the distasteful words they hear and why they shouldn't use them. Plus it's a learning experience because you can not control people or stop them from doing things you dislike but you still need to act civil to them. That being said, I personally don't curse in front of children but if it happens to slip that all of a sudden a kid walks by while I say a bad word I shouldn't be fined.

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