children are the most important element in the world change process if we want the world to better we should teach our children how important they are to the world in order for them to be important and make a change .most people just keep teaching them their whole life without letting them change anything in return

i can see the future where people have the power to change what they want because they were taught that they can make a difference....but that's just my opinion



  • I am in total agreement with this and would like to add that this form of teaching should not be messed around by political or any forms of indoctrinations such as religion.

  • yes religion is a personal interest and way of living chosen by individuals for their own way of life we should allow children to know all the religions and they should chose the one they approve of ..

  • Agree. They should also be taught human behavior and psychology so they know how to take criticism, manage pride, manage violence, etc. early on.

  • I agree, don't teach children they can be astronauts (which statistically is not going to happen) teach them they can be powerful and influential, teach children that they matter.

  • As a high school senior, i see that my generation and the ones beneath me are excited to make a change in the world. However, we need to be taught on how to make those changes, to live them. We can dream all we want, acting takes much more courage, strength, and knowledge. We should be teaching children how to be brave and act on their dreams to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Education - Perhaps the single most important pillar of any society. The Scots were the first people in the world to reach universal literacy. The legacy of their contribution to mankind will never be surpassed. Education should be free and compulsory. It should not be indoctrination. Countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and South America as well as Afghanistan desperately need education services. In Japan, teachers are placed highly within society - this needs to be replicated around the world - not babysitting, educating.

  • Agreed, with all of the above. Children need to be taught to love themselves! This will require parenting skills to increase and social education (at least in the USA) to be completely revamped. Learning needs to take place OUTSIDE of a classroom, in a nurturing and educational and interactive environment. I grew up a homeschooler, and was liberated by the fact that my mother would ask what we wanted to learn about before building a monthly curriculum. She was able to incorporate book learning, field trips, discussions, experiments, and more into each and every lesson. Music and art were a high priority in our education, and we were playing an active roll vs. typical formal education today. ALL aducation should be free, at any age, and when an individual is able to persue personal interests, this is when knowledge is gained and self actualization is reached. Some schools in the US have taken up a "police state" environment, which is detrimental to all forms of personal growth.

  • That is the truth. We need to be able to fix the common home. If parents are stressed some manage better than others but it can become obvious to a child the toles adulthood can bring trying to make it in a capitalist country. Work, Consume, Die is not the idea life for my child. This is what Americans modern culture currently teaches our youth.
    We need to redefine what is important.

  • I suggest that special program is created to children in deferent levels in school..

    Meaning we can start from the basic understanding of nature to the complexity
    of political forms and the effect in society and human behavior.

    With audio video presentation, interactive and short to the point.

  • A pleasingly ratioanl answer. Good to hear from you.

  • what is this? what are we voting on?
    the world is changing.

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