No countries, just Humanity

I think that extreme nationalism is a cause of prejudice and war. People must learn to view each other as people, and value humanity over a country. We can only achieve world peace or solve other global problems if we all work together.



  • I agree with the idea, but i think it need to be a process. If we just erase the borders between, let's say northern and southern Corea, i don't think the people would simply hug one another. Around and behind the existence of borders and national identities is a huge amount of issues that need to be dealt with before and during the process of fading such non-existential fictitious boundaries, and THAT is the real challenge...

  • Religion and culture plus minerals and oil mainly are the reasons for war . Nothing wrong with pure nationalism in a same cultural and religious environment. Of course it does not work because of most nations are not perfect for such a pure harmless form of nationalism.

    However rid the world of religion, racialism, communism and corporate corruption and meddling you idea may work.

  • I object because of the fact that I extremely love my country, does not cause prejudice or a war.

  • I agree in principle but you offer no suggestions on how to do that.

  • Deadly acucrate answer. You've hit the bullseye!

  • I agree that the value of a human life doesn't vary based on race or nationality and that we all should care about human suffering regardless of where it occurs. However, it is impractical to try to erase national borders. Countries should cooperate to address issues of shared concern, but it would be irresponsible of a country to relinquish its sovereignty to a world government over which the country's citizens would have very little influence.

  • I object because there are far too many problems within nations themselves, and we've come too far with creating differences and prejudices to just pretend the history never happened and knock down our barriers and live happily ever after altogether. World peace and other global problems may only be solved if the wealthiest, most powerful elite groups are overthrown and good-hearted people take over. But even then, there will always be opposition for a change. and even though you may have good intentions on how to control the world, many have tried and failed due to opposition and the fact that when one has power, they let the power take control of them, and use that power for destruction and evil, even when that may not be the initial intention. (i.e. the Holocaust)
    the problem is that we are currently being controlled by powerful , money-crazed idiots who don't give a damn about us. we're just puppets on a string who pay for their luxuries.
    You can live free from prejudice and war and nationalism. Just do not follow the government. We have the choice to have religious faith or not, so I think its right we should have the freedom to have government faith or not. If you really oppose the way we're living, and you want to promote world peace, do not give in to capitalism. if you think slavery and brainwashing is wrong, you should think capitalism is just as wrong too. Give up money and media, you then will solve your own issues, and if you get more people to do the same, you can begin making a change within your own society, but I wouldn't try to change the world just yet.

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