Nuclear Energy.

There are many views of nuclear energy that are wrong. Largely as a result of disasters or near disasters such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, as well as pop culture such as the Simpsons and various disaster movies.

But nuclear energy can be harnessed safely. The navies of the world have been using nuclear energy to power large ships and submarines for decades, and there are already many nuclear power plants providing electrical energy right now. Countries should invest more resources in improving the efficiency and availability of nuclear energy.



  • I object because I see no evidence that nuclear energy is completely safe. The costs of renewable energies such as wind and solar are now much cheaper anyway.

  • The objections to nuclear are always over safety, and yet fossil fuels (coal and gas) get little attention. Coal is the #1 source of power, and it's the fastest growing! Even manufacturing solar panels is highly toxic. If you are to be consistent with your safety objections over nuclear, then you ought to poo poo air travel based on the big news whenever a plane goes down, despite it being safer than cars where accidents happen all the time. Nuclear is a much safer technology than most people understand, and like all technology it will continue to improve with time. We need to solve the nuclear waste problem, but be fair and compare it logically with the enormous waste from mining coal (tailing ponds) and burning it (air: CO2, mercury, and solid: ash). By rejecting nuclear, you are opting for coal. While renewable energy (wind, solar, small hydro) is a nice idea, in practice it's much too small and way too intermittent for today's technology to store in any quantity. Wind power requires natural gas plants on standby. If you intend to drive an electric car (and displace oil), how will you power it? Coal? Yes, coal, unless we think smartly about this.

  • I object because i understand that not everything is a disaster area, but still the waste is radioactive

  • I object because renewable energies have a much higher safety factor than nuclear energy, its cheaper, sustainable and environmental friendly. Furthermore we should not forget the waste whats coming out from nuclear energy.

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