The Christian Flag

During the development of World War II, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was once asked if he was a Christian first, or a German. I would ask a similar question of my fellow Americans: are you a Christian first, or an American?

The laws concerning the flag of the United States of America are many in number and exhaustive in detail, even explaining exactly how a flag should be raised when being displayed over a street. The flag is a common sight at public and private institutions, and is always given a position of equal or greater honour and respect than all others. In the tenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus warns His disciples that whoever does not acknowledge Him before men, He will not acknowledge before His Father who is in Heaven.

The answer is clear: We are called to be Christians first and Americans second. The Christian flag should be displayed highest acknowledging so.

Idea for North America


  • I object because you, are an idiot. We have separation of church and state to protect us from people like you shoving your religion on others.

  • I object because religion may be important to you, but not every American is a Christian, and the Christian flag has no place in government affairs.

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