No Capital Punishment

It is hypocritical to punish someone for murder by killing them. Also, there have been many innocent people who were falsely convicted. There have been many psychological studies confirming the unreliability of eyewitnesses. It is better to let a guilty man go than to punish an innocent man.

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  • I think this is controversial as jailing an innocent person for life is just as cruel. i am however against capital punishment. I really think the legal process concerning murder needs to be improved to limit mistakes of justice. But wise enough to know that such mistakes of justice can never be completely culled.

  • This is a very tricky subject. While no capital punishment can be a solution we must always dig deeper into its possible consequences & ramifications. Often, a short-term solution can create new problems in the long term (as in the software industry, some fixes can actually create new bugs)

    What about prison overpopulation? What about the economic price on society for maintaining an individual in prison (eating, sleeping, etc.) while many citizens outside struggle or lost their job/home and can barely have something to eat? How about the multiple victims of a proven serial killer, is it fair for their families to demand justice & fairness? Even life imprisonment, what is the ethical right "solution" for that? I can go on and on with these questions. I'm sure this subject has been debated for decades with advocates for both sides, each being right and wrong.

    We should be practical and pragmatic in proposing solutions and not merely wishful thinking.
    It's easy to get carried in thinking in abstract & uthopian terms

  • Correct!!!!
    We accept man-made laws that violate the universal laws, if we become aware, then we will understand the consequences humanity is facing as a result of following these mans laws, and there is a proposal for Laws that aims to solve these problems integrating humanity into a collective consciousness that converges on principles, values, and human rights to guide our actions. And this is the proposed "Human integration on laws" Give a look!. 1 vote for your idea

  • Agree! Law is fallible, death is permanent.

  • I recommend slave labor for convicted murderers. Hopefully, we can make them profitable enough to address prison overpopulation. On that point, and at least in my nation, most of the overpopulation is due to cannabis-related "crimes."

  • YES, BUT, if you illegalize the death penalty, it will further crowd already overcrowded prisons, therefore, legalize Cannabis and you'll have your abolishment of the barbaric death penalty. If that seems like an odd solution, you know nothing about prison statistics.

  • I object because the murderer never has to fear punishment for killing those in charge of stopping him from killing others. The only way to protect society from such pschopaths is to remove them from society permanently.

  • reserve the death penalty for those that committed atrocities, like hitler lets move it away from people committing a solitary mistake.

  • killing someone will not bring back a lost loved one. it does no good to kill unless your only excuse is that the prison is crowded and we can't provide anymore space, which is dumb. every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

  • I object because to this notion but i do not support how most justice systems act for example america. What people forget is that committing homicide sends abundant amounts of adrenaline and endorphin's through the system making it possibly addictive. However not everyone who murder's is a killer for example some people don't have a choice, they may be forced into an alley with a knife held to them or maybe someone ran onto the road while they were driving and so they hit them these acts are tragic but they do not equal murder. Murder is when somebody chooses to end the life of another human being for no or very pathetic reasons and these murderers are VERY likely to do it again, so to lower the cost of keeping murderers alive and lower the risk of them hurting anyone else i think that only when proven beyond a doubt should execution be a possible punishment. But the fact is it's not about giving the corrupt killers what they want and it's not about teaching them a lesson it's about removing a threat to society by while not actually costing society itself

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