Religious freedom to involve freedom from religion

We need a global law that states religious rules apply only as the result of a voluntary, personal choice and must never be imposed by force.

There are approximately 140.000 religions on this planet. Obviously, no-one should be allowed the right to enforce their religion on anyone else. Religion must be always a personal matter. Religious rules must apply only to those who choose to make them part of their spiritual life.

With this law, freedom of religion will mean also the right to be free from religion.



  • I agree totally but feel a world without religion would be much better. My opinion.

  • PLEASE consider modifying something like this to freedom from "meditation"...

  • i would rather everybody will have a religion and not talk about it as it causes discrimination

  • To go along with this, I feel those religions that go door-to-door should only target houses who have in some way signed up for the service. To me, freedom of religion includes being able to be in my own house without being made uncomfortable by views I do not believe in.

  • How do you stop those whose personal choice of religious tenents says to destroy other religions?

  • tenets....or destroy those who practice other religious beliefs? What if human sacrifice is part of your religious beliefs??? How does one determine which laws supercede if cannibalism "should" be illegal yet those groups that euthanasia "should" be legal?

  • As a Christian I have to say, If you have people of any religion trying to force you to believe as they do or to believe when you do not, then you have a religious fanatic.
    Christianity is not suppose to be people walking around bossing you around or judging you based on your personal views, This is where many so called religious people misrepresent the meaning of being a True Christian.
    Turn the cheek, forgive and forget, accept the facts and move on, this is the peace that Christians are suppose to live by.

  • I object because I don't know which rules you mean. The law that you may not kill someone is in the Bible, therefore, by your logic, people how aren't religious, or have a religioun in which you may kill people, don't have to listen to this law

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