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There is this huge myth promoted by the fossil fuel interests that the problem with an electric vehicle is range and power. This is incorrect and needs to be addressed through government and corporate channels. Edison and Ford already came up with an electric vehicle infrastructure in 1897-1910 which was for the most part successful. This is a fact that has been buried by GM and other interests. Just like replacing fuel batteries can be changed out at "fueling stations". That is if it would even be nessecary. Batteries are one of the most primitive creations in electronics and electrical devices. They have been pushed back by oil interests for many years. I suspect that the battery technology to push electric cars out to the 300-500 mile mark is already out there being buried by oil concerns. Hybrids are another thing put out there meant to perpetuate the need for fuel while making the public think that they have done something to kick the fossil fuel problem. While this looks to be the case it is false. Hybrids are usually much heavier given the fact that there are two power systems in the vehicle making it much heavier, consuming more fuel than necessary and creating a vehicle that is much more likely to break down and more costly to fix due to over-engineering. We have to go to "straight" electric vehicles or we are just perpetuating the problem. At the moment the car manufacturers are dragging their feet. This needs to be stopped and the corporations involved must be forces to release the technology that they are holding back. Why? Well because the electric vehicle is superior in every way to an internal combustion engine. I am an old school mechanic and I will miss the old ICEs but we can't keep them around. Here is why we must change (and I am thinking about you sports car fans too :))

Motors operate at 95% efficiency compared to internal combustion which is 38%

Both RPM and Torque on motors are superior to an ICE.

Electric cars need very little maintenance (Almost 0 but I am counting the running gear)

Electric cars will be able to outperform ICE cars due to weight, center of gravity and fluid torque band.

Obviously the impact on the environment will be nil.

The car companies must be taken to task on this. More to the point you have to be able to spot the lies and manipulation that is coming from that industry. They will create electrics with major problems and shortcomings so that they can say "See it wont work". It is like the way they have convinced the world that 40MPG on an ICE is some kind of magical barrier that they have to hurdle. They do this by programming the car through the ECU (Cars Computer) to operate at a lesser efficiency. It satisfies the oil concerns and allows them to keep turning out the same cars, over and over. Now is the time to tell them that we will not purchase the same crap that they refuse to develop for greedy ends.

I do not know exactly how to persuade the manufacturers however the simple act of not buying from companies who are not striving to advance their vehicles is one good way. Refusing to buy larger vehicles over a certain weight is another. Japan and Europe are making this country look like village idiots in the car manufacturing field. We should look there, they are holding a number of cars in their own countries due to crazed trade restrictions promoted by companies like GM.

While I do not have the answer, I am one old ex-mechanic and current computer technician and obviously don't have all of the answers, I recommend reading up on this and coming up with your own ideas. The thoughts I had above are possible but I know that the more people who think about something the better the idea becomes. Make your voice heard to these corporate giants.

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  • I apologize for the weird way I wrote this. It was difficult to put all of the information I have into a short blurp and kind of strayed out of topic a few times and didn't keep much continuity. Some day soon I will try again after writing it out and editing it for a few weeks. :)

  • A massive shift to elctric cars combined with feeding the grid (from which they feed) with renewables instead of fossil fuels is needed now. Not tomorrow. Solar thermal combined with other renewables is already commercially competetive when calculating long term stationary energy costs, let alone carbon emmissions. (Money otherwise invested in building efficency can also be saved with a clean grid.) Governments should react to the new science coming out daily and get on with it.

  • Nice post. Better batteries or equivalent need, and Hydrogen fuel doesn't have a workable storage medium yet.

  • I generally agree with the premise but the phrase "Obviously the impact on the environment will be nil." does not account for the need to generate the electricity to run these cars. It has to come from somewhere and all of the technologies (including wind, solar, wave, etc.) have SOME impact on the environment.

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