everybody should become a vegetarian.

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  • I object because you are made to eat meat. Look at your teeth. Tell me what animal out there eats food that is not designed to be chewed by their teeth. Birds have beaks to chomp on seeds and insects. Cows have teeth which are designed to chew grass. Do you see a cow trying to eat a lizzard!! You have several sharp teeth to cut through the meat and several at the back to chew it up. You don't put gas into a petrol driven car because it's meant to be cool to use gas...the car wont work well. Same for humans. Eat what you are designed to eat or you'll not run on all cylinders!

  • I object because vegetables lack protein for proper brain development

  • I agree for avoiding the current torturing of animals that are born and alife just to be eaten some day. Unfortunately we dont have a healthy and fully equivalent replacement available. So, we will transform, if at all, to vegetarians only in the far future, but certainly not now.

  • I object because everybody should decide for hisself

  • I object because I would gladly hit you with a piece of meat if I could find you.

  • I object because no adequate reason was given. Land use issues should be overcome by advancement of technology, not by sacrificing human health.

  • I'm appalled to see that someone brought up the topic of evolution as to why we eat meat. Of course our brains needed the protein within the time needed to make cognitive as weell as intutive conscience thoughts. we used the meet to build cells into what they are today. Now we come to a point where choices as to what fork of evolution we will take have come aburptly to fast apparently. A mandate that zoos and anything that harms natural organism for our own good should be reestablished. Although than one can say a plant qwill know that another plant has been taken away from the enviroment; whether or not to be eaten is still under investigation, but the truth is plants communicate via their roots through chemicals much like animal feromones. Why should we even need food when printers can construct the right substance of atoms and the need to hurt anything in a natural enviroment can be reinvented. Although this may be new to some but organs from jhuman bodies are now reproduced in labs, as well why can't food. The funding for a better future may just be out of the ball field. we live in a narrow minded generation of consumers and benifits for thy self.

    kindness is a gift and the taint to its passion is selfish hate.

  • We must all be educated in a manner that allows us to live as healthy as possible. A well balanced nutritious diet is highly important. Consuming the purest, most natural, and organic fruits and vegetables will allow lifeforms to continue to grow and flourish without disrupting the natural cycles of other life forms. We must manage our resources wisely without disrupting any natural universal cycles in order to maintain a balance (sustainability). Only the purest meats should ever be consumed in order to avoid adverse health affects. We must not abuse our powers as Caretakers of the Almighty Universal Temple. We must only sacrifice other lifeforms for the better of our Almighty Universal Temple (the natural resources, the atmosphere, and all beneficial lifeforms which inhabit our planet (Earth). Our agricultural strategies need to be modified significantly in order to achieve sustainability. Our environments need to be conserved, preserved, and restored to the most natural conditions possible in order to reach true sustainability. We must maintain and establish as much biodiversity as possible in order to reach our ultimate goal, Never-ending Cycles of Everlasting Life.

  • I object because we can not support the entire world on only non meat foods

  • I object because you cant enforce your belief on another person especially in a manner of eating

  • Eating meat is natural to the human species. Everybody should have the right to decide what they eat. It's far more important to make sure that we eat only animals that have had a happy life and that died, experiencing the respect they deserve.
    It is not cruel to eat meat. But it's cruel to torture any creature. Especially, when we benefit from them.

  • Shouldn't we ask instead what the ideal diet is for the planet as a whole, rather that impose one without proof it is the healthiest diet?

    I view nature as a whole, and have no concerns about being part of its food chain, but only the care that is put into it. I eat some animals in the same way that some animals will eat me, and don't view a physical diet as a moral issue. I don't mind if others do.

  • I think that this is to short an entry. I am appalled at the negativity and lack of constructive criticism. I had been a vegetarian for 10 years then started back on white meats for the last four years. I am now contemplating going back to eating red meat for health purposes. Initially when I stopped eating meat I gained possibly 10 to 15% increased energy. I have been told that I should be eating meat because of my blood type. I went to an irridologist, he said the same. I continually have acid problems and this began when I stopped eating meat. My point here is if your blood type allows it and your iron count is constantly balance you will be able to be a vegetarian.

  • Throughout the great pattern of thnigs you get an A for effort and hard work. Where you misplaced me was on all the specifics. As people say, the devil is in the details And that couldn't be more correct at this point. Having said that, permit me reveal to you just what did work. The article (parts of it) is certainly incredibly engaging which is possibly the reason why I am making the effort in order to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, even though I can see a jumps in reason you come up with, I am definitely not sure of just how you seem to connect your details that help to make the final result. For the moment I shall yield to your point but trust in the future you connect your facts much better.

  • I object because we have the right to choose. All "people should..." ideas seem totalitaristm to me

  • although i am vegetarian, have been vegan and am highly against killing animals, etc. I think everyone should have a choice at who they are and their lifestyle choices. Though a world where everyone was veggie/vegan is nice to think about, everyone should have free will :)

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