Pass Laws To Ensure Financial Transparency

We need government, banks and industry to open their books to greater public scrutiny. Where the money comes from, where it goes and who benefits.

Once we lift this veil of secrecy, there will be more open and honest relationships leading to more empowerment of the people.

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  • We could ensure this by publishing this 'hidden' data online.

  • You have more useful info than the British had colonies prIIWW-e.

  • How could any of this be btteer stated? It couldn't.

  • Agreed. But this alone will not work, the amount of data would be tremendous. In addition, the accounting industry needs to be more standardized because what is the point of analyzing figures when they can be manipulated to provide the desired results? And we need watchdogs - perhaps our youth in universities and our senior citizens can be recruited to help the constant examination of books that would be needed to make this work.

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