The Free Energy Roadshow

Energy Cannot Be

Created or Destroyed

It Can Be Expressed and Shared!

“In that very moment, when free energy ( Zero Point Energy) will be given away to Humanity, it will not only be meant to use as an absolutely free, environment friendly, perpetual working energy to use in each and every industry, transportation, or private homes, but much more chains of Humanity will be broken FOREVER. A New Era of Freedom, Friendship, Understanding and Love will rule, opening a New Golden Age for people of the Earth and beyond…” Nikola Tesla

The narrative of the quickly approaching energy revolution is much more exciting than just electricity. Free Energy is foremost about people! The shift engages our dreams, our imaginations and our soul-purposes together as well as individuals. Free Energy IS a metaphor for the free energy of spirit, consciousness and collaboration. The Roadshow will ultimately be about giving and receiving and encouraging the exchange of this expanded definition of Free Energy… the energy of generosity, compassion, laughter, creativity, love and so much more.

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  • Ok... so I didn't want to paste the entire idea and overload people, therefore left the link but I will share it here for anyone curious so they don't have to leave the site:

    • The Free Energy Roadshow is a ‘Paul Revere’ for the multidimensional shift taking place.

    • Science needs art and the Roadshow is an integration of the two

    The Roadshow is a DIRECT way to share/interact/connect with people’s passions and soul-purposes… We are out to model that NOTHING is more special, effective, and powerful than meeting people in person and spending time with them authentically. Part of this process will involve, but not be limited to, assisting artists and others in various ways if they choose by facilitating their passions in a few different ways. This is the essence of my personal soul-purpose and passion, what I call Spiritual Philanthropy.
    This may include earning money for profit and it may not, all possibilities are open. This adventure can easily be monetized for the benefit of all… investors, co-creators and especially for the people we meet on the road trip. I will personally be donating 75% of any money I earn back into more opportunities for practicing Spiritual Philanthropy. I have designated the abundant loop between philanthropy and traditional capitalism that I wish to create, the Holographic Economy, a simple idea I introduced at a Nassim Haramein workshop when I was struck by one of his physics models and how it could apply to my vision for the next step in how business and spirit integrate.

    • Another approach is to have a one day Free Energy Festival and use the money raised to fund the roadshow… I have connected/am connecting with different people who have organized events and such. So it’s just a matter of timing to have the few people I need on board and we will be doing this! Basically, the one day festival would be a live kickstarter-like event where we raise money for an idea in one day in person instead of online… which is way cooler Spiritual Philanthropy and Free Energy Are Going To Happen!!!

    • A lot of people have the type of experience these days in organizing festivals, concerts, events, etc. and a one day event is much more feasible and doable than a multi-day event. A major part of my take on Free Energy is this Spiritual Philanthropy vision and taking the crowd-sourcing idea to a new place, so a one day event based on philanthropy and kickstarter would be a logical choice.

    • Also, and most important to me, I couldn’t do it alone. I am seeking people that resonate enough with the base vision to ‘want’ to be co-creators! People that take the idea and run with it like it was their own and help it evolve in their own images along with mine. That’s the only way it can manifest. Honestly, the whole thing itself is a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project waiting to happen, but I am not going to do that w/o finding people who can balance my strengths and weaknesses with some of the online, social networking, marketing skills necessary for a successful campaign.

    The Roadshow itself:

    • Get an RV or School bus… equip it with various free/new energy/sustainable ways to create power… one mission of the trip will be picking up musicians for a day, find an outdoor location and record/stream live on Internet making sure all of the power we use to make that happen is being generated in alternative ways… there’s more but that’s the gist of it. Here is a prime way to leverage the friends, families, communities and online fan bases of bands and musicians for example on the website documenting the Roadshow we can include music aspects like radio streaming, music store, etc. We can create income opportunities for the Roadshow and the musicians.

    • We’re going to coordinate with sustainable practitioners, permaculturists to trade, barter and purchase their healthy foods and serve smoothies and juices prepared by a blender that is powered by one of the energy devices. In this manner we can introduce one of the natural companions of Free Energy which is natural health solutions to dis-eases. (One thing we can do is take video of these sustainable businesses and advertise for them locally online and nationally in exchange for produce or for money.. tons of possibilities).

    • We will be screening videos about energy, health and a running documentary of the trip for people and the projector will be powered by these energy devices.

    • For night time experiences we will power lights using LEDs and these energy devices.
    Food, music, art, conversations, people.. It’s a Free Energy Celebration

    • We will share our passion for Free Energy on all levels and spark conversations with the people/groups we meet. We will share stories, video record things to document them, etc.

    • The RV may be converted to more efficient/clean options so we can model the future of electric/hydrogen cars and such (if it isn’t practical we will skip this part.. more research needed to figure that out).
    This road trip IS about connecting with people on a soul level. We will document their stories, wisdom, passions and purposes in a personal way and if they please, we will share with the world via the website. We will invite discussions of people’s passions, the shift the world is going through. We will share food together that we supply and they supply. We will be offered beds and showers and who knows what else. People will offer to show us their favorite hang-out spots and all of that amazing stuff and we will capture a lot of it on video!

    Who will we present to and spend time with:

    • We will offer our gifts and be invited to small groups, grass root style, who have interest in a variety of topics around free energy, sustainability, spirituality, consciousness, science, metaphysics, law of attraction and so much more.

    • When we present and ‘party’ with various and eclectic groups of people we have them invite artist friends of theirs… so as we spend a day or couple of hours with people — the artists can paint, draw, music, whatever they love in the Spirit and Inspiration of the day and we can help them (philanthropy and money for all) by sharing the art created for each event and linking to their other art work in affiliate style sharing of revenue when fans of our roadshow support the artists afterwards.

    • I cite (to you) my friends Shawn Madden and Michael Skye to exemplify the amazing possibilities of being a visionary troubadour gifting your skills and passions and soul in return for the kindness of others.

    • Also, consider the success of couchsurfing, and the occupy gatherings as examples of people sharing, coming together under common interests. The ‘Market’ for this roadshow is extremely large. Maybe the main stream media doesn’t talk about it but you and I know the ‘niche’ of consciousness, spirituality, law of attraction, etc. is HUGE

  • if you want free energy, look to the stars: each star is a sun like ours, with zillions of terawatt hours of energy. The sun resides in outer space, and it's our main source of heating and lighting.

  • Yes free energy would be a worldwide game changer.
    Why don't you apply it to something like a toy train set with a circular track. Put it up on a live webstream with a clock on it and let her rip with info on how investors can get ahold of you.

  • I object because no concrete idea is proposed here

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