drilling for all coutry's and to use the best tech.

I think world wide we still have to have oil and natural gas to move the world! I think that all country's should have a right to drill for gas and oil to use local and to drive down the world prices. Till we have new Technology to move away from carbon fuels and gas!

Idea for the world


  • I know we need to move off from carbon fuels bet we do not have other tech. to replace it with ! 1: If we use battry cars we dont have enough power plants world wide to cover all the cars and trucks! And if you cut of drilling world wide now we would have Genicide!

  • I object because the cost to the environment and people is too high price and the technology is already out there chances are the info has been shelved.

  • I object because those fuels were never needed in the first place you can put two pipes in the ground north and south with a wire between and get electricity. Cars can use a flywheel storage for electricity a drive battery is not needed. We have been sold a 100 year lie the technology is not hard or costly tesla did it with wood copper and brass he didn't even have semiconductors and the first porsche was an AWD electric

  • I object because gas and oil ideally should be eliminated.



  • I object because we need to find cleaner energy options

  • I object because it makes open license to pollute and delay the switch over to cleaner energy sources.

  • I object because the premise of the position is at odds with what I think is the best and most ideal energy solution. Natural gas and oil are non-sustainable resources that is only valuable in the short term. The true solution to the world's energy crisis incorporates a multitude of other energy sources such as solar and wind.

  • I object because there ARE already numerous other means of fuel however, the world does not yet fully understand the need to free ourselves from our dependency on oil. Let me put it to you this way, what if tomorrow every government in the world came forward & said there is no more oil. What would we do? We'd start to go crazy. Until we finally realize & fully accept the fact that there has been & always was numerous natural resources for us to choose from other than oil that are far less expensive when viewed in the long term spectrum then nothing will change. We have the capabilities to use wind, water, & certain plants such as HEMP, but the world REFUSES to use any of these as a main fuel source. Yes a small number of businesses that manufacture these types of energies are up & running, but not enough to overpower the world's dependence on oil. We need to re-think what is best for us. An 80 billion mile long tail pipe? Or a cleaner more functional environment for our society today as well as in the future.

  • I object because we already have technologies outside of hydrocarbon combustion. The concept of using hydrocarbons instead of kinetic electricity is barbaric, and not because of carbon dioxide. It's barbaric because about only 20% of the energy produced lends to the forward motion of the machine. The rest is lost to heat, which the apparatus then has to be designed against. Using electric vehicles and kinetic sources of electricity make much more scientific, and therefore economic, sense.

  • I object because fossil fuels are too polluting. They are toxic to all life and the extraction methods are devastating to communities in the long run. Release the embargo on free energy devices that have been shelved or suppressed. It would be the end of fossil fuels. Second to that I would go the cold fusion route.

  • we should have an alternate fuel already what are we waiting for, its going to be to late

  • Where have you been since....forever? There are hundreds of viable renewable energy technologies, several of which can already replace finite fossil fuels. The ONLY thing stopping it is greed. Those in power are in power from said finite fossil fuels, and until money stops controlling policy, we'll get nowhere. It's NOT because the technology doesn't exist.

  • I object because this backwards thinking. We have the technology NOW to redesign energy use.

  • I have nothing more to add, Daikashido, babelfish, IDEAGUY, MicahSchweitzer, and GD000001469 covered my thoughts on this.

  • I object because you propose this as a means to bridge the gap between old technologies as we wait for new technologies, but the new technologies are already here, we just aren't using them. You also say "all country's should have a right to drill for gas and oil" yet I don't understand why you think that a country wouldn't have permission from itself to drill in its own lands... Every country is allowed to drill wherever it wants in its land, this is neither a solution, nor an idea, and I think this whole page should be scrapped to make room for actual ideas.

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