Energy production should be focussed on country self sufficiency

Energy production should be focussed on country self sufficiency. Exports of energy from one country to another should be discouraged if made only for price reasons at the expense of investment in self sufficiency. Energy markets will always be corrupted by profit maximizers, so we should ignore the economist rhetoric of "market efficiencies" and "comparative advantage", which principles are only relevant to worlds with unlimited resources (which excludes planet earth).



  • I object because if trhere were no adverse consequences to people or environment, whats the problem? Also, inter-country grids could expedite the renewable energy future.

  • I personally feel that a country SHOULD focus on being self sufficient and not needing to buy. That would certainly put emphasis on renewable energy, but at the same time, sales of said energy when in surplus is far from an issue. Once a country puts the time and money into self improvement, and can afford to sell excess energy, why not let their economy prosper from the improvements it invested itself in....?

  • Energy is a GLOBAL thing like us humans. We are all in this together. Your problem is my problem and my problem is your problem. Our problems are not confined to National Boundaries. Your solution is My solution also otherwise we will become EXTINCT ...which may be a good idea in many ways. It's over to US !!!

  • What about countries that have no natural resources (oil, coal) nor money to import?
    The idea of the countries that are self-sufficient is good, because countries with oil, or the ones who already have environment-friendly technology (sun cells or so) won't exaggerate with spending their resources.
    But have you thought of the third world countries or countries in development, which have neither natural resources nor technology? They may not even have enough industry to pollute. Should their first concern be the healthy environment or food sufficiency, to even feed the inhabitants? How could we help those countries and prevent the exploitation of them?

  • briliant idea this bothe encourages new ideas in energy and devaluates the prices of energy when its not being exported.


  • This is really an issue that would be looked at in different perspectives by different nations around the world. There are Hugh oil reserves underneath countries that have know other resources to make money. Mainly the middle east, they could switch to produce solar power and sell the energy. But who would they sell the energy to? I rather agree with 1094 from Slovenia. I truly think the POW should not be voicing your suggestion but promoting clean renewable energy and more investment by nations in using or providing it. However your thoughts I see where heart rendered and will help give debate to a good solution.

  • I agree with this idea, but think there should be modifications made. I think every country should be self sustaining, what a great goal to work towards, but we should not be restricting countries who do not have the resources required to be self-sufficient with green tech to no longer be able to use non-renewable energy sources. Also, I feel if a country such as the United States was capable of maintaining a power grid with green tech, they should be obliged to help other countries at least get started with their setup in the hopes that every country world wide would be able to have reliable power that doesn't harm the environment that they live in.

  • hurts global economy and promotes war for those countries without enough resources

  • Surispring to think of something like that

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