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Law Repealment Body

by  Fermi , in Laws,  for Global  on April 22, 2012, 4:56 pm  · 15 | 0 · 2473 Views

I am of the belief that legislative bodies should put as much effort into repealing useless or destructive laws as it does to making new ones.

For example: there was a time when my country's citizenship was patrilineal until it became inconvenient a former prime-minister's friend. That is far too inefficient.

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  • AbyssalNightmare (Australia) 4 years ago A large amount of laws definetly need to be reevaluated.

  • GD000001936 (United States) 4 years ago This is a very good idea. A body like this could review the performance of laws passed and decide if they have been effective.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago Well maacdamia nuts, how about that.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago Useless laws are always destructive: Enforcing them wastes ressources needed elsewhere. Better yet: Limit the number of laws to what we have now, and demand that the passing of any new law requires repealing one other, useless law. (There are plenty to choose from!)

  • GD000010889 (Canada) 2 years ago Certain bodies have deemed the "alienation of emotion" law unprovable. There are a lot of husband's and wives out there who would like there to be consequences to seducers who have used their positions and proximity to the victim's spouse, (as well as their advantagous physical appearances) to hurt/displace marital relationships. This law should be refined and re-introduced.

  • GD000010889 (Canada) 2 years ago sorry, ...."alienation of affections"

  • Echo (United States) 8 months ago A similar group could also be in charge of policing the police? Or at least conducting reviews when necessary. Complaints about unjust laws and unjust law enforcement should probably go to the same place without interference from those who would prosper by maintaining the status quo.