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Blue Laws

by  stevenperkins , in Laws,  for Global  on April 17, 2012, 11:42 pm  · 10 | 1 · 2138 Views

Simple, Clean out the filling cabinet. Most blue laws (Religious law) where created pre-fifty's era and, one: Unconstitutional, two: extremism, three: Unfair. Why are they allowed to keep thees laws? It's time for clean up... Some places you go into a store and all general merchandise is roped off because it's Sunday morning. Even baby diapers!

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  • AbyssalNightmare (Australia) 4 years ago Religious rules shouldn't be applied to people who are not a part of those religions.

  • stevenperkins (United States) 4 years ago The U.S. congressmen that support these kind of laws are convinced that our forefathers where religious founders even though the evidence is clear that they were not. But I suspect that they have more important agendas then having to listen to evidence.

  • stevenperkins (United States) 4 years ago They also usually get there way despite popular public opinion. I don't feel as though I live in a democracy anymore...

  • 000004219 (United States) 3 years ago These laws are outdated, unconstitutional to begin with, and obstructive for no good reason.

  • 308flatfoot (United States) 3 years ago I object because as a police officer we have to respond to fights at peoples homes enough. and the blue laws that don't allow alcoholic drinks being sold at certain times is a good idea.