Land allocation requirements for algae biofuel. LESS THAN YOU THINK!

"The potential importance of algae in the generation of oil and hydrocarbons has been best illustrated by an estimate from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). It states that if all the petroleum fuel needed in the United States were substituted by algae fuel, it would require only about 40,000 square kilometers of land, less than 15 percent of the area where corn is harvested. Algae fuel has the potential to be the most cost-effective renewable alternative energy source on the planet."

Maryland is about 32,000 square km, so if every the government utilized just 1000 square km of otherwise barren land in each state, we could produce 125% of our annual fuel consumption in a completely green method and solve the energy crisis.



  • It's so simple, and yet ignored. Let's get this idea out there.

  • don't forget seaweed farming: it can now be processed into alcohol with a very high yield.

  • Also Coconuts can be used with diesel engines for an alternative fuel

  • All this while re-purposing all that extra CO2? and it's an excellent food source!

  • I'm all for looking into alternative fuels. This seems like a cheap, efficient method of energy production.

  • bio fuels are going to be dead, a thing of the past, your either going to have an electric or hydrogen powered car plain and simple !

  • so how do we make this happen? we can get on here and vote and knock this around, but who in higher places is reading this? when will it be presented by the POW???? Because this should already be going on.

  • If you are talking about algae (Organic or DNA) as biofuel, it is about "a space-time in Borneo".
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  • the only problems so far seem to be that the algae needs lots of light to thrive, and the energy it takes to circulate them into the light uses quite a bits of what they would produce in fuel.

    But i also agree with zorbear, in farming the oceans that we currently just hunt in.

    I'd solve one with the other, put the algae farms at sea, and let wave motion move the algae about, no land needed.

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  • A provcotaive insight! Just what we need!

  • never no who is reading what lots of great ideas on here

  • I object because burning biofuels will still result in the release of more carbon into the atmosphere. The last thing we need is more carbon.

  • I have thought about using algae as a biofuel for many years. There is a huge problem with algae blooms in high concentrations in lakes around the world and I as a Wisconsin resident have seen a lot of issues revolving around algae,such as fish kills, dangerous neurotoxin concentrations (created from the breaking down of algae). It would be a good start to just simply remove the algae from water bodies that have large concentrations of algae, which harvesting weeds with equipement that supplements both functions (needs). All of the algae, aquatic plants, compost, and other Organic matter collected is highly productive for producing renewable energy, and the carbon will simply be cycled.

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