New Infrastructure for a New Century

Nanotechnology has radically improved the efficiency of many of our technologies by an order of magnitude if not more.

A new power grid consisting of extremely low resistance nanofibers will greatly improve the amount of energy lost to heat dissipation between where it is generated and where it put to use.

It is also greatly improving the efficiency of solar panels, and we are beginning to mass produce them for cheap.



  • This is the way of the future! GREAT idea! And glad to see it in progress!

  • Yes the POW should promote this if the system works...

  • Yes! If we lose less energy in the distribution process then we will not need to produce as much energy as we do currently. This will cause us to need to burn less fossil fuels now, but also will make renewable energy sources more efficient in the future. This is a perfect example of an idea that is both beneficial in the short term and long term. It's both a simple idea and an idea which would be easy to slowly implement around the world. This would save a lot of money as well, as power distribution would then be more efficient and lower the cost of living.

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