Media manipulation

I think media companies should be held accountable for promoting one sided stories that stand to benefit those that provide the information and do not tell both sides of the story. Too often the media exaggerate or only tell half the truth to make a story look more punchy. To me this is manipulating and deceitful and there should be repercussion and fines for such reporting, not just a small print apology the next week.

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  • This is a hard one.
    Who decides when somone is telling a biased story? It wouldn't take long before this would compromise freedom of speech and actual good journalism.
    In my opinion, the only way this will improve is once people become more conscious that they have the power to decide what come on and what doesn't. They just need to start consuming their media responsably.

  • But I think when the truth is known and they are found out the punishment is too light

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